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“For clinicians who are in search of practical examples to complement theory, the case illustrations offered by Solomon and Tatkin are a tremendous resource….[A]n easy and insightful read.” – PsycCritiques

“What a gift! Solomon and Tatkin offer us the most illuminating and creative work on couples therapy to be published in a long time. Through a variety of cases, they artfully explain why loving partners go to war with each other and then give a fascinating demonstration of how to apply biology, physiology, attachment and arousal regulation in moment–to-moment interactions. This book will be stimulating, immediately practical and eye-opening no matter what theoretical orientation you use.” —Ellyn Bader, PhD, director, The Couples Institute

“This book should be part of the working library of any clinician whose practice is informed by the ongoing paradigm shift in psychotherapy.” —Allan N. Schore, PhD, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

“Reading this book was a sheer pleasure, and I did not skip a word. It is an artful theoretical and clinical integration with no wasted words….In this innovative couple therapy, they have documented the healing power of couples learning to take care of each other and put to rest the myth of the healing capacity of the autonomous self. I recommend this instructive book to all therapists….I hope this project gets lots of deserved attention.” —Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Getting the Love You Want

“A new lens on couple therapy, this book will revolutionize the way you work with partners and transform your view of relationships. The authors skillfully translate ideas from neuroscience, regulation theory, mindfulness, and attachment research into hopeful, practical and accessible interventions for working with the here and now experience of couples in therapy.” —Pat Ogden PhD, founder/director, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, and author, Trauma and the Body

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